Become A Casino Affiliate (A Complete Step-By-Step Guide)

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Welcome to this complete step by step guide on how to become a successful online casino affiliate!

My name is Carl Månsson and I have been working as a casino affiliate for about 5 years.

On my journey to become a successful casino affiliate I have stepped on many slippery stones but through learning and experience I managed to get by!

In this guide I will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started as an affiliate in the online casino niché.

(I will use affiliate links in this article to the different casino affiliate programs, however this will not affect your deal with the casino in any way, it will simply reward me for referring you as a new affiliate.)

So let’s get started shall we!

1. How It All Works

An online casino affiliate is someone who in one way or another sends new depositing customers to a casino online.

So how does the tracking of new customers work?

When signing up as a new affiliate with an affiliate program you will receive tracking links. These links will track the registrations and activity of players sent through this link.

This is how the operator knows what your commission is going to be and can track the deposits, bonus costs and revenue generated by each customer.

2. How To Get Players To Sign Up

So, we figured the science behind how the money is actually made, great.

Now for the main questions, how do we get real people to sign up through my link?


Now this is where you can get creative but there are generally some popular ways to do it that requires hard work but are very rewarding.

The most popular ways of acquiring new casino depositors are:

SEO Affiliate (Search Engine Optimization)

rank high for casino terms in google


This means that you build one or several websites that you wan to rank in Google for search terms related to different casino terms. (This is the absolute best way to succeed in affiliation as apart from website, hosting and link acquisition costs the traffic you generate is FREE of charge.

(Also, I am a pure SEO casino affiliate myself so the topic of this guide will be around this method.)

So, Pro’s with doing SEO affilition:

  • Organic traffic is free.
  • Nobody knows Googles algorithm which means you can compete with any company and succeed.
  • You can implement your SEO strategy to any product and niché . Knowledge is very sought after by companies so if you give up, you might have gotten enough experience and track record to keep working as an SEO.
  • You can make shit loads of money without working.
  • When you rank and send customers the business is completely passive if you want, of course most people want to expand and keep increasing the cash flow with new projects or improving current projects further.

Con’s with SEO affiliation:

  •  Long learning curve.
  • Takes a lot of time even if you are doing it correctly, and you also never quite know if you are doing everything correctly which is a part of the “sport”.
  •  Ever-changing algorithm from Google, which means you got to stay up with new directives and may suffer penalties and lose rank if you don’t or even if you do (Google doesn’t always make sense).

To get more insight on what SEO affiliate marketing is you can read here.

PPC Affiliate (Pay Per Click)

As a PPC affiliates sometimes called a “media buyer” is someone who buys traffic for money and then wants to convert the traffic to make more money out of it than it cost.

To keep a good margin in the casino industry or in any industry really is very hard as a affiliate as you compete with the operators themselves (the owner of the products) who has better margins than you on the end products and therefore can place a higher PPC bid than you and still have margin.

It can work though, but from my experience the people who are doing PPC are have extremely high secrecy about their exploits and strategies and if anybody finds a hole to make money, they nuke it until its completely tapped and then moving on.

It’s a very hard industry for sure and requires quite a bit of capital to begin with so its not recommended for beginners but rather for professionals who have deep understanding about PPC campaigns and how to properly use them.

PRO’s with PPC affiliation

  • If you for some reason do succeed with it it’s probably the fastest way to live from casino affiliation.
  • If you find a hole to dig money with you can often make the big bucks fast by exploiting it.

Con’s with PPC affiliation

  • Very hard, requires deep knowledge about PPC, Google / Facebook Ads etc.
  • High risk to lose money while trying it.

E-mail Marketing

Another way to work with casino affiliation is if you are an E-mail marketer.

However, this does as you may guess require you to sit on a lot of double opt-in E-mails.

There are good ways of building E-mail lists though, and you may even be able to combine doing PPC or SEO affiliation to at the same time build an E-mail list that you can use for affiliation.

I do this and I can truly recommend working a lot with E-mails as it is a great way to retain visitors to your site.

Figure out what your visitors really want and use this as a sales pitch for them to sign up to your newsletters.

The services I myself use for E-mail marketing is Aweber for handling the leads and sending E-mails and Optinmonster to generate them with beautiful opt-in forms.

If you are going to do SEO casino affiliation, E-mail opt in forms is a must have in my opinion!

3. Building Your First Website

It’s rare that a casino affiliate only makes one website in their career (unless they have a good developer or team of developers).

So don’t be to hard on yourself about making your very first website look amazing.

It’s not going to look amazing, and you can often gets bits and pieces from other affiliates by asking enough.

For the LOL’s, here is a screenshot of my very first casino affiliate website that I made back in 2015.

my first casino affiliate site

Nowadays my projects look a little bit better like you can see in the following screenshots of our casino guide

screenshot of the casino page at Gambla Canada

For Gambla we do have developers working on our site but this is all due to making enough money with avarage looking sites to actually be able to hire great developers to make your sites amazing!

Do only what needs to be done in order to get you money, and with money you can do anything.

Enough with the stories.

What you need to do is to get yourself a good web hosting service, a domain and a wordpress theme to get started.

The “CMS” content management system you should pick to make your website with is WordPress for ease of use and it also works very well with Google. Some of the biggest sites on the planet like and such websites are all built in WordPress.

To get setup with your domain, hosting and wordpress just go on live chat with your hosting provider and they will help you out.

I myself would use 4UKhost for UK domains / hosting and Misshosting for domains / hosting in all other GEO’s.

This article is a work in progress, contact me to get the rest before it goes live here.


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