How to Build a Blog Brand – 25 Pro Tips

In this article I will go through the 25 best ways on how to build a blog brand for your new blog.

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Basiclly today branding is everything when it comes to that real value for your readers. You need to know the ingredients in how reader’s minds work and how to attract them.

Teaching this is something pretty easy and works for both new bloggers thats wants to start, but also active bloggers who want to increase traffic. A lot of people today are simply putting a lot of work into blogging but not optimizing the blog to it’s full potential with a powerful niche / brand.

So now we’re getting somewhere, keep on reading!

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Niche or brand

What’s important for you to know is that to keep your passion with blogging. Branding your blog doessnt mean that you have to choose one specific niche. It’s about making whatever you are into something that attracts more people to read and consume your awesome content.

Remember your blog is nothing unless you are happy and stimulated maintaining it. So for god sake your blog can be about helicopter cats on crack and still be brandable!

You are the brand

Always remember that readers does not necessarily find your blog because of you. However if they go on your blog you have the oppertunity to make them into regular readers. What you really want to do is to convert them into liking you as you are the single unique factor that your blog has that no competition can do.

Lets dig into my list of 25 pro tips for any blogger who wants to improve their brand.

1. Pick a blog name

Picking a blog name or domain name as it is also called can be tricky. Sometimes if you are blogging with a sub domain blog network more blog names are available. The absolute hardest place to find a good blog name is with a plain .com domain.

This is simple due to that many names are already taken. However there are benefits in picking a blog name with .com due to the scalability. Take your time and find something that you like and is easy to say. If you find a domain with TDL for your blog language that is short and easy to remember you are on the right track.

1. Branding the domain

Brand the domain. If we are going to go a little bit more in depth on the domain make sure to brand it. By branding the domain I mean make sure readers get a hint of what the blog’s content is simply by watching the domain. If it is a personal blog your name can work fine but you can still brand it. For example. If you blog about fun stuff and your name is Sara you would be better of with rather that Same if Sara was a political blogger she would do better with than You see my point?

3. Unique Logo

Make a unique Logo. This is a very important one. In order to fully brand your blog you need a strong logo. Something that catches the eye of readers. When they look at it you want them to be impressed by how well developed the blog is and regardless of you niche it’s gonna look like a premium blog in that niche. You will also have a lot more fun working on a blog where you absolutely love the logo. There are some really good logo makers out there that is cheap. Some of them lets you get very creative with their tools.

4. The “about us” page

Importance of the about us page. You want readers to follow you but why would they if they dont know and trust you? Write an awesome “about us” page to make you readers be able to get to know you. Also when you write about stuff always get your personality in there. That is what will make you stand out of the crowd. Dont be a robot man, show some love for your readers!

5. Internet (blog) persona

Blog personality is key. If you want you readers to enjoy reading your content you have to be consistent. With that I mean that even if you have a bad day dont let your audience notice it in poor quality content. Dont be lazy it will jump up and bite you in traffic loss. Be the guy that readers will follow and enjoy.

6. Choose blog platform

Pick the best platform for your blog. What’s important when writing a blog is to adjust it to your technical level. If you find it a struggle with some basic coding it’s good to choose an easy blog platform. However wordpress is easily the best option if you want a high quality blog with excellent pre-coding. It takes a couple of hours to learn it but you will find a guide on our site on how to make a wordpress blog! I would also very much recommend to go with a high rated premium blog theme. These often cost around 50-60 USD but if you are serious about blogging it is a very worth investment. Having a good looking flawless site is also very important when bulding a brand for your new blog.

7. Be consistent

Consistency. Rome was not built in a day and your blog will be no different. What you want to make sure is that you are consistent with your blog posts. Be honest with yourself and plan ahead how many posts you will be able to put out. Your readers will come back if you make sure to always have something new for them to read. If they come back and expect a post from you when promsied and it’s not there. Chances are that they will no longer come back for the same disappointment.

8. Post length

Adjust the post length to your topic. You want to bring premium excellent, never before seen content to your readers. However if you are writing a post about your new sandals you wanna keep it relevant, short and interesting. There is a fine line between a lot of content and boring content. Make sure to keep it readable and fun for your audience. There more you develop your skills as a blogger you will find that it is getting easier with longer posts < interesting ratio.

9. Spelling

Spelling and language. Always try your best to be grammar correct and keep spelling correct. Not only will this make your brand more serious but search engines also notices if there is a lot of misspelling. (God I hope you didn’t find any misspelling in this post xD). There is various tools online to spellcheck before you publish and you can also pre-write your content in a program like Microsoft Word where there is automated spellchecks for you. Here is one spellchecker you can use.

10. Niche keywords

Find your blog niche keywords. There is many ways of getting traffic to your blog. Because of this keyword research is very useful. For example if you blog is about dogs you wanna make sure you get relevant keywords in you blog that is relevant within the dog niche. For example you wanna write posts about dog toys, dog food etc. Make sure to get those keywords in many of your posts. Search engines will pick this up and rank you better for people looking for this kind of content.

11. Premium content

Presentation of your premium blog content. Dont judge a book by it’s cover. But when it comes to blogging that is something that people do. You might have the absolute best content about your subject on the planet but it looks like a wall of text without any spaces and grandpa will get a heart attack from simply considering reading it. Make sure you content is easy to read and is also presented in a professional way. Even if it’s a not so serious topic always make sure it looks professional. The good thing is that a lot of content management systems sort this for you as you write.

12. Sharing features

Make sharing your blog posts easy. Social media today is the holy grail for bloggers. If you write a really good article you can get massive spread from your post on social medias. But how can you make your readers share your content? Easy, make it available for them in the post itself. By doing this people will get more engaged with your post which will make them like your blog even more and even share your blog with their friends. This will be a main factor to your increasing blog awareness.

13. Blog brand tagline

Pick a great tagline. A tagline is something that every blog should have and fortunately a lot do not have. This gives you the chance to get ahead with doing a great tagline that will make your readers more excited about the contents of your blog. It is also a very important part of your blogs branding. A tagline will be a short sentence that is catchy but also explains what your blog is about. This is usally something that you want to have in the meta description of your blog. A very famous tagline that you will recognize is McDonald’s “Im lovin it”. It makes you understand that you actually love McDonalds without ever trying it (lol).

14. Choose blog font

Pick a readable font. This is a lot more important that most bloggers think. Having a nice easy to read font is absolutely critical for your blog. It should feel like a freshly made bed to lie down in but for your eyes to read when looking at your content. This will make your brand stronger, readers more loyal and generally just you blog more attractive to read by the first sight. You have probably seen one or two really shitty websites with small font and various other shitty element that you don’t like. Make sure that your blog aren’t one of those. If you pick a premium wordpress theme they usaully have very nice and clear standard fonts.

15. Blog colors

Colors. Colors are very important to you. Same as with fonts you have probably stumbled upon a few sites where there is like grey text and black background or white text on a light yellow background. It’s impossible to read or it hurts so much to read that you will just go away from the site within a few seconds. Always make sure to have a very clear contrast between background and font so that it is readable. Otherwise all your efforts into blogging will be for nothing. This makes sense to most people but since there is a few that obviously havn’t understood it I’m writing about it here hehe.

16. Infographics

Infographics engages blog readers. This is something that will be limited to bloggers who have a lot of time, pro photoshop skills and or money to pay for it. Infographics are a new super cool way of engaging and giving your readers a really nice visual experience. These can be very long and sometimes 90% of a page can be an infographic. Problem with this is that it can remove the need for normal content. Users will be happier but it will be harder for search engines to valuate the content as an infographic is just technically an image. So do it if you you want to do some extra mile for your readers but not at the expense of your premium text content.

17. Path content

Red thread path content. This is also critical for your reader engagement. You always want to make sure to develop new posts about other things that your target audience could be curious about. For example if you write about real estate do not forget to also make a post about how to invest in real estate and so on. And of course make sure that this red thread content is available on both the relevant pages so that they can find it. Always think of a reader as a potential reader for other posts. Dont focus on just one post. Make sure that they get the complete deal of that topic when going on your blog.

18. Improve others content

Dont repost, imrove content. When you write blog posts make sure that you are the one that has the best content. Don’t just simply write posts about something that 20 other bloggers have already posted about. What you should do instead is to collect information from many different blogs and also add additional content that none else has. When doing this you will very much improve your brand as a leader. People and webmasters who search for information with more likely pick you as a resource as you have the best and most complete article out there. And also never forget to add you own personal touch to the content. This is the absolute best way to brand your blog as the very best one out there for your topic.

19. Out and about

Get the word out to webmasters. It’s always worth mentioning your article to other webmasters who has written about similar stuff before. Here you have a huge possibility to get natural links to your article as a resource. Most webmasters only write about once specific topic once. If you make a way better version of the topic and also more updated, chances are quite big that they will link out to your article. Links will get you higher in search rankings and they will also drive a lot of traffic if implemented on all of your posts. This is without doubt a techinque you should follow.

20. Advertising

Advertise your blog. You can always buy paid advertisement for your blog as well as for your articles. This can be done through various channels such as PPC in search, social media ads and or buy advertisement from sites in your niche. This of course isn’t free but a very solid way of getting new readers. What you should do in order to make this work in a profitable way is to use affiliate marketing or ads on your site as well to make up for the investment. The more traffic you have on your site the bigger are the possibilites that you can monetize your website. This will be a win win as you will get traffic on your site and also make money from it at the same time.

21. Videos

Add videos to your content. Adding youtube videos or even better making your own is really good for you when branding your blog. One thing is important when doing this thought. Your videos quality must match the quality of your blog. Nobody wants to watch low quality shitty videos with bad sound or that looks like shit. Make sure to put effort in them if you are making them yourself. However there is nothing wrong with using videos as resources. Youtube is huge and if you are writing an aricle about even a remotly popular topic there is probably a nice video someone has made about it. Use it in your article and benefit both your readers and the video creator.

22. Monetizing of your blog

Monetize your blog to grow. The internet is one huge market place. Everybody who uses it has a credit card and this is to your advantage as a blogger. Dont push anyone to do anything. But write about things in your niche that could benefit the reader but is still paid services. You will get commission from this and it is called affiliate marketing. You can also do other smart things like Adsense which is Google’s own ad network. Ads from Adsense are based on the readers collected data which will make the ads more relevant to them. Monetize but not at the expense of being a sell out. Use this money to grow your blog and it will be the best investement you could ever do.

23. Work with the best bloggers

Be picky with authors. If you are a company that has a blog you should be picky with whom is writing your blog posts. Make sure that even if it is a team of authors that they have a core value and understanding of your blogs quality and content. One good way of controlling this is to read all of the posts being written. In this way you can educate and give feedback to your authors. You want your blog to be the best there is so make sure to keep the very best people around you or make them the very best by following up on their work.

24. Guest blogging

Guest blogging / bloggers. Guest blogging is a perfect way of growing your audience. This will grant someone access to make a post on your blog with something that you feel will benefit your readers while they probably would like a backlink from it. This can be very good and if it is a popular blog you can easily get social shares back or even shout outs from their author. Always make sure that there is value for your readers when accepting guest bloggers or when you decide to guest blog yourself. Add value to one another and everybody is going to be happy, yay. To find blogs to guest post on simply just google things that are in your niche and contact them. You should also consider having some rules for guest blogging on your site.

25. Original valuable content

Be original or give credit. If you want to make a strong brand you really want to be original. No big sites or bloggers steal other peoples work. Aboslutely never steal any content unless you are quoting some other webmaster or person with credits to them.

Pictues can be very handy to pick from google but when this is done you should write where you got that image from and give them credits for it. You would probably appreciate the same if somebody was using your content in any way. This can also be a good oppertunity to get in contact with webmasters when asking for permission. (You can of course always ask for permission to use other people’s content and pay back with a resource link or something).

This was my 25 pro tip guide to stand out of the crowd as a great blog. You now know how to build a blog brand in various ways that will work! Feel free to use this post as a resource if you are using information from it, it is not required though. If you have any questions about details of the contents in this post please do not hesitate to contact me.

I’ve learned that the best thing with the internet is the people who are passionate about truly sharing valuable information.

I wish you a great day!

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  1. Good article – thanks for sharing your tips! Regarding spelling and language, I just wanted to point out that “red thread” is a Swedish idiomatic term. “Common thread” is probably what you’re looking for 😉


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