Become a Casino Affiliate (Complete Step-By-Step Guide)

become a successful casino betting gambling affiliate

Welcome to this complete step-by-step guide on how to become a successful online casino affiliate! (If you are an online casino affiliate already and just looking for new program deals click here to view all casino affiliate programs. My name is Carl Månsson and I have been working as a casino affiliate for about 5 …

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Nofollow Backlinks Explained

nofollow backlinks explained easy

How do you feel about nofollow backlinks? Are you doing black hat or grey hat SEO and spending your days chasing do-follow backlinks? In this post I will let you know how important good nofollow backlinks are and why you want them to point towards the website you are trying to rank. If you find …

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How to Build a Blog Brand – 25 Pro Tips

create a great blog brand

In this article I will go through the 25 best ways on how to build a blog brand for your new blog. This post has been updated. Basiclly today branding is everything when it comes to that real value for your readers. You need to know the ingredients in how reader’s minds work and how …

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How to Stay Motivated as an Online Entrepreneur

stay motivated as an online entrepreneur

As a digital marketer I’ve learned a thing or two about discipline. This is not something that I’ve just figured out myself, quite the opposite really! This post has been updated in 2019. Learning how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur is not easy since we do not have normal workdays like many of our …

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