How to get Accurate Google Search Volume

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In this post you will learn how to see how many people that searches for a specific keyword in Google per month or desired period.

There are quite a few ways on how much search volume there is for a specific keyword.

In this post I will give you some free alternatives but also the best and recommended alternatives.

I recommend Google Keyword Planner to be the best and most accurate source of search volume data even though it is not free.

You should remember that getting proper search volume data would be best for you in the long run if you are serious about reaching out to your target audience.

Get accurate search amount from Google Keyword Planner

This method is used to get the exact average searches for a keyword per month. Its very useful especially when to compare closely related keywords.

I bet at some point you came across very similar keyword phrases that both said the same or close search amount when using the keyword planner.


Best hotel and Best hotels.

Let says that both of them are showing searches of 9.500 searches per month when looking into this in the “keyword ideas” section.

This is how you do to break it down to exactly how many searches each of this phrases have.

  1. Add both of the related keywords to plan and then click “Review Plan”.
  2. In the next box set the bid temporarily to 99 USD to only see first page bids.
  3. Click on the Keywords tab in the second window then – Match types > All > Exact match.

You will now see the amount of impressions that each one of the closely related keywords have.

You can also do this with a single keyword to see the exact average searches a keywords has every month.

Free search amount sites

There are some sites that tries to collect data from google and provide it for free to users.

This somewhat works but you will not get as detailed data as you get from google obviously.

Some of the free alternatives for finding out google search volume are.

See search volume for free in Keyword Planner

If you do not use expensive tools where you get information about search volume for specific words in specific areas this is a good tip for you.

I noticed that if you have no yet setup a google Adwords campaign they still let you browse different keywords with search volume in the setup process.

However, there was a small issue that I found with this.

Even though you have the availability to choose which area you want to see search volume in it doesn’t change the search amount from global searches.

This means that a word like soccer shoes will show the global number of searches for that word and not just in the UK even though you have only listed the UK as an area.

Anyways like I said it does work for global search volume and that might just be what you need.

Just wanted to share this with you as said and below you will find the link to where you will be able to begin the setup process in which you will be able to see the google search volume.

Click here to go there!


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