Nofollow Backlinks Explained

How do you feel about nofollow backlinks?

Are you doing black hat or grey hat SEO and spending your days chasing do-follow backlinks?

In this post I will let you know how important good nofollow backlinks are and why you want them to point towards the website you are trying to rank.

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Understand the “nofollow” attribute

So what exactly is a nofollow backlink?

A nofollow backlink is a link towards a site which has the rel=”nofollow” attribute to it. This makes search engines to “not follow the link” and does not let any “link juice” flow to the linked website.

So why would anyone use a link like this? Basically what this is useful for is letting Google and other search engines know which sites you want to be associated with.

For example advertisements do not necessarily match the theme of your website.

Then it’s makes sense to put a nofollow link towards the advertised site so that search engines know that you do not naturally link out to that website for the sake of that article or post.

But then again now you think, why would I want google to believe that my site is a lousy advertiser? Hold on! We’re getting there!

nofollow chrome pluginA nofollow backlink looks like this. <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor text</a>.

A nofollow link looks like this when displayed on a web page. This is a nofollow link.

But then again how will you be able to detect if a link is nofollow or not? There are ways of verifying the attributes of a link.

nofollow backlink imageThe easiest way is to install a nofollow link plugin to your browser. A good one that I use myself is Nofollow.

You can also do the following steps when you want to check if a link is dofollow or nofollow.

Right click the link -> Inspect -> Look inside the <a> and </a> if there is a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Good and bad nofollow backlinks

The good thing about nofollow backlinks is that there are almost no bad ones.

The best thing about nofollow backlinks is that Google cares & loves them and you can’t mess them up! Listed below are some of the benefits with a website that has a lot of nofollow backlinks.

  • Social media signals. Most social media backlinks are with the rel=”nofollow” attribute. So what does a lot of these social nofollow backlinks tell search engines? That your site goes hot on social media, people are talking about your content. That gives Google a big fat hard-on!
  • Links on sites in your niche. When people use your website as a reference for their articles in the same niche they can sometimes use the rel=”nofollow” attribute. However, even if they don’t give you that sweet link juice they will let google know that they used your article for their content. Google will eventually reward you for being a good resource for information in your niche. Good information about something equals good rankings!
  • More natural anchor text diversity. This one is very good especially for the grey & black hat gangsters. When having a lot of buzz about your site with nofollow backlinks comes also a new anchor text with every link. (Anchor text is the words that the link contains). This makes your site look very natural. Because a site with a lot of dofollow links would naturally have even more nofollow links as they are a lot easier to come by.

So now it’s time to make sure you use nofollow links in the absolute most favourable way.

Nofollow attribute for external links

Some webmasters like to use the nofollow attribute on their external links.

This is usually done for the sake of affiliate marketing or if an article has referenced it’s common to make the resource links with nofollow attribute.

Where nofollow links are commonly used

You shall use nofollow attribute on links that you do not want Google to follow or let “link juice” flow through.

Some common practices where people use these links are to competing sites for the same keyword or with affiliate links that google does not gain value from following.

How to use nofollow links for your website

So if you want good natural nofollow links to your site it’s very easy to acquire it. Basically, just link to your website in comments and profiles across the internet.

However, you do want to make sure to put most of those links on sites relevant to your target sites niche.

Nofollow backlinks let google know that your brand is a popular topic on the internet.

Always use nofollow attribute for paid links

According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, you should always use the nofollow attribute whenever a paid link is placed to your site.

This is to ensure that only real links vouches for your site and passes PageRank.

In more competetive nichés it might be a good idea to not use nofollow if a backlink looks normal.

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