How to Stay Motivated as an Online Entrepreneur

As a digital marketer I’ve learned a thing or two about discipline. This is not something that I’ve just figured out myself, quite the opposite really!

This post has been updated in 2019.

Learning how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur is not easy since we do not have normal workdays like many of our family and friends. There is a very thin line between being productive and thinking you can handle massive workloads.

Let’s make one thing clear. Nobody can handle heavy workloads for a longer period of time and even if you think you can, its simply not healthy to do so.

When you exhaust your mind to much it’s not uncommon that you get demotivated and start to question if it’s really worth it doing what you’re doing. Clouding our very clear goal of succeeding.

This article will help give you 20 great tips on how you can stay out of the exhaust-zone while still working very hard with a clear and healthy mind. Which will lead you to make smarter decisions.

Are you ready? Alright let’s get this show on the road!

1. Do not fear failing

This is the first and a very important one. Anxiety and fear of failing is a breaker of dreams. This is the single most common reason that entrepreneurs fail and go back to some 9 to 5 jobs. So, what is the reason for this fear and how can we handle it?

First, we have to understand what this fear is about and to understand how to approach it. For most entrepreneurs the fear is simply to fail and loose months or even years of work to nothing. But what’s important to understand is that even if you never fail you will never beat the fear.

The only thing that will ease your fear of failing is to accept that you might fail. But you don’t need to look at it in from a bad angle. Most entrepreneurs that made it has failed many times. Failing can be hard but it is also a challenge.

You became an entrepreneur probably because you are not afraid of challenges. You are willing to do what others don’t want to risk doing. So how is this different from when you started or from when you might eventually fail? Nothing!

You made it this far and whatever happens you have more experience now and will go equally as far next time around at the very least. Don’t fear failing, welcome failing.

2. Get an office / Co working space

Many digital marketers like me work from home or from a laptop somewhere. It’s a very romanticized lifestyle that a lot of people want to live but it has a dark side as well. In order to stay motivated with your business you need to have working hours.

Of course, you can live that relaxed lifestyle of just chilling but this is not an article about chilling. This is an article of how you should do in order to stay motivated with your business as an entrepreneur.

Dedicate yourself for the amount of time that you want to spare working and stay dedicated during this time. You need spare time with friends and family in order to stay motivated and happy on your path to success.

3. Make your bed (important)

You might think I’m joking but I really am not. Making your bed in the morning is one of the best ways to get going with a brilliant start for the day. There are actually some scientific studies made on this, simply people that makes their bed in the first few minutes of the day tend to complete more tasks successfully throughout the day.

Making the bed is of course just one example of early morning easy to complete routines. But the point is that you need to complete a task successfully early in the day and that will lead you to want to complete more tasks equally successful regardless of what it might be.

4. Positive focus

Being motivated is being happy. It’s enjoying what you’re doing. Having a positive attitude towards anything related to your business will help you a lot on your way to success. To most people It’s quite impossible to always be positive.

But when investing time in having better motivation like you obviously need since you found this article I will give you the very best advice in the interest of your business. Prioritize what you want to bitch around about and try to keep it outside of your business errands or business-related affairs.

One thing that work very well along with a positive attitude is working out. Relieve that anger where it belongs and get fit while improving your self-esteem. That why you came here right? To win!

5. Remember why you started

You need reminders. The same spark that went through your body when you first came up with the idea you are working on tends to fade over time. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t love the idea equally much anymore.

This is simply because life happens while you are working on your idea and when other things are drawing attention it’s easy to simply forget the importance that your business has in your life.

This is the reason you need reminders that lets you understand why you first started out. This can be that you set an alarm to watch a motivational Youtube video every week or whatever floats your boat.

6. Dont mind the competitors

If you are in a money making business, chances are quite high that you have competitors. But how do you approach you competitors? Do you try to sabotage for them or what is your approach?
Something that is critical is to learn from others doing the same thing as you.

Even if they are competitors you can learn from them even if you’re are still ahead of them. Even if they fail you can learn from their mistakes.

Remember to keep you friends close but your enemies closer.

7. Embrace better habits

In order to stay motivated as an online entrepreneur you need some good habits. Of course, everybody is only human and a lot of successful people have probably dealt with some form of bad habit in the past.

But this article is about how to improve your motivation. Implementing a few really good habits will make it easier for you to have the energy to make your business the best it can be.

A few know great habits to exercise is:

  • Running
  • Eating healthy
  • Spend time with you family / friends
  • Drink less alcohol

8. Set milestones

Setting milestones is a very good technique to execute your projects. It’s very hard whatever you do to keep motivated when your end goal is so far away. It is much better so set a few smaller goals along the journey,

Achieving these goals will help you keep motivated. It will also make sure that you feel that your project / business is moving forward. Something like that is very important as most businesses can feel like you are standing on the same place the whole time.

9. Dont brag

One thing that is sure to cause more stress than happiness is braging. To some people when the success is a fact they want other people to know about it. Dont do it. There are pretty obvious reasons not to do it but also for your own sake.

By talking about your success you are letting people know that you are doing well. This can be very stressful when things look down, dont speak about your success. You should rather let your success talk for you. Focusing on your business will benefiting you a lot more and you will stay humble at the same time.

10. Focus on one thing at the time

Some common mistake new entrepreneurs do is that they focus on too many things at the same time. I think it is because once someone has gone into the world of an entrepreneur everything seems possible. This is true, however depending on competition it’s important to take one thing at the time.

By focusing on one thing 100% the chances of this to succeed is much higher. And you will most likely also succeed a lot faster by doing this which will help you stay motivated to encounter new challenges.

11. Master patience

Patience is something almost every successful entrepreneur has learned to master. Patience is something that always needs to be combined with whatever you are focusing on with your business.

Regardless of what stage of your business you are currently on you will always need to have patience in order to complete the next step in your master plan. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Most successful business owners that I’ve talked to miss the good old days when nothing was given and the future was still a mystery. Enjoy and embrace the struggle!

12. Committing to your plan

Being 100% committed to your business plan and to your daily tasks is important to stay motivated. Because of this it’s important that you set realistic goals for yourself both long term and short term.

If you promise yourself to get a certain amount of things done during a day and you don’t do it creates anxiety. Being motived to push a business forward while struggling with daily anxiety issn’t a good match.

13. Learn new things in your field

Sometimes when we work with something full time we forget to make the active choice to learn more about a certain more difficult area. Doing small pushes of learning things in your field you will keep you hungry to try out the things you have learned.

When learning something new in a field where you already have a lot of experience is often a idea trigger. You can use this in many ways and if implemented correctly it can get you ahead of your opponents.

14. Earn respect by respecting others

Being respected in your field of work is very motivating. Respect comes with a lot of perks and usually it’s obtained through succeeding. But there are some very good moves you can do early on in order to be respected by others.

Always honor your word and don’t f*ck people over. Having a good reputation will make others want to work with you. By being respectful towards competitors can be very beneficial if they succeed fast or better than you.

15. Erase other stresses in your life

This one can be very hard. Sometimes there is other stresses that you cannot run away from. But there might be a few and if already stressed out it’s very important to clear your mind of useless bullshit that just draws attention from what you are actually trying to accomplish.

Easy fixes can be things like hanging out with friends who drink too much. A boy / girlfriend with whom you fight with too often. These things can ruin your career and it’s not worth it!

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that you gained some new knowledge from it. Until next time!

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